Core Values

Do The Right Thing

It means every person at every level of the organization is expected to act with integrity. It’s our most basic and fundamental core value and it encompasses all aspects of our business. The Connor Group’s managing partner, Larry Connor, puts it this way: “Inherently, we all know what’s right and we all know what’s wrong. For example, we know lying, cheating, and stealing are wrong. So we don’t do them. It’s just that simple.”

People Count

If The Connor Group had a slogan, “People are the No. 1 key to success,” would be it. People lead growth; not the other way around. It’s how we grew assets from $0 to $2.5 billion and it starts by hiring the right people with the right competencies and commitment to excellence. We don’t believe in glass ceilings. We do believe in providing our Associates with unique and best-in-class benefits – including an opportunity for all Associates, regardless of position, to become a Partner in the company.

Live the Circle of Success

At its core, the Circle of Success is a study in individual accountability, often within a team setting. It’s the engine that drives the company and is the common denominator which links every Connor Group Associate in every job position, in every location, every day.

It begins with setting clear expectations between the Associate and his or her manager. Results are measured to determine if the Associate achieved specific goals (i.e., individual accountability). Finally, reward and recognition for a job well done or consequence (e.g., attending training on a Saturday).

For us and our culture at The Connor Group, it’s as simple as it is effective.

Think Long-term, not Short-term

A lot of companies say they do long-term strategic planning and many of them probably do go through the motions. What separates The Connor Group from most organizations is we not only plan five years or more ahead, we actually execute the strategies to reach our goals. We enter the process without preconceived notions and without limitations on what we think we can or can’t do.

In 2011, after several months of planning and weighing long-term benefits versus repercussions, we set an ambitious goal of achieving $1 billion in property transactions a year by the end of 2016. This amount was in excess of $300 million more than the recently completed record-setting year. In February 2016, several months before our year end goal, The Connor Group announced it had achieved a new record: $1.2 billion in property transactions in 12 months.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” At The Connor Group, these are words we truly live by. Every endeavor – from the way our technicians repair a furnace to the way executives evaluate multi-million dollar acquisitions – is a cyclical process of assessment, adjustment and innovation. At the end of each endeavor the most common question you’ll hear is, how do we make it better? More often than not, Associates are actively seeking answers to that question. It’s how we’ve grown, despite market turns and economic crises, and why we will continue to grow as an organization.

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